How Do You Use Shelves In A Sentence?

How do you use product in a sentence?

Examples of product in a Sentence The company’s newest product is selling well.

The sap used to make maple syrup is a natural product.

This book is the product of many years of hard work.

The finished product was a beautiful vase..

How do you use brand in a sentence?

Brand sentence examplesShe grabbed the note pad and wrote a brand name and quantity. … They moved into a brand new building a couple of months back. … No plate on the bike but it said, Volt-Wheel, for a brand name. … You would tend to buy the store brand and pocket the dollar.More items…

What’s the meaning of shelf?

1a : a thin flat usually long and narrow piece of material (such as wood) fastened horizontally (as on a wall) at a distance from the floor to hold objects. b : one of several similar pieces in a closet, bookcase, or similar structure. c : the contents of a shelf the author of a shelf of best sellers.

What is the use of shelf?

A shelf (pl. shelves) is a flat horizontal plane which is used in a home, business, store, or elsewhere to hold items that are being displayed, stored, or offered for sale. It is raised off the ground and usually anchored/supported on its shorter length sides by brackets.

What is a brand example?

Some examples of firms with brand equity—possessing very recognizable brands of products—are Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Ferrari, Apple, and Facebook. If done right, a brand results in an increase in sales for not just the specific product being sold, but also for other products sold by the same company.

Is it on brand or on brand?

: appropriate to, typical of, consistent with, or supportive of a particular brand or public image or identity … the joint venture is completely on-brand for both companies …— Katie Shapiro … it’s time to do an overhaul of your [Facebook] profile to ensure it’s professional and on-brand.

What part of speech is shelves?

noun, plural shelves [shelvz].

How do you write shelves?

The words shelf and shelve are confusing. They are different parts of speech, but many English users are incautious, and use them interchangeably. To make matters worse, the word shelves can be both a noun and a verb, and it is related to both shelf and shelve.

What’s a shelf life?

Shelf life is defined as the length of time a product may be stored without becoming unsuitable for use or consumption.

What is a plural form of shelf?

shelf (plural: shelves)

How do you use bland in a sentence?

The rice and beans were bland until mixed together. Then her expression grew bland again. How the dream began, she couldn’t remember but she was in his arms and he was gazing down at her, his expression as bland as usual.

How do you use shelf in a sentence?

[S] [T] He got the book down from the shelf. ( … [S] [T] I have read every book on the shelf. ( … [S] [T] She took down a book from the shelf. ( … [S] [T] Do you have an extra shelf I can use? ( … [S] [T] Put your clothes on the bottom shelf. ( … [S] [T] Take the jam down from the top shelf. (More items…