Question: How Do You Reply To Be Safe?

What do you reply when someone says be safe?

You can respond with “Will do” and fluent English-speakers should understand you without any trouble.

I’d probably use “I will” if I wanted to respond to “You too.” To tell you the truth, I don’t think any reply is really necessary after the other speaker says “You too.”.

How do you respond to hope you are safe?

Reply to “I hope you are well”? [closed]I am very well, thanks. How are you?I am very well, thanks, and hope you are as well.I am very well, thanks. I hope it is the same with you too.(Ignore it completely.)

Is it correct to say be safe?

Yes, it is correct. We use the adjective “safe” (as opposed to the adverb “safely”) to describe the state or condition of the subject (“you” as understood in your example sentence). It is equivalent to saying “Be safe” or “Be in a safe condition.” So “keep” acts as a linking verb and not as an action verb.

How do you respond to you too?

You too.” “Me too”. It is the reply of “I’m glad to meet you”. Therefore, the answer should be “me too”.

Can we say keep safe?

An object is usually included in between “keep” and “safe.” The person or thing that is being kept safe is part of the phrase.

Can we say stay safe?

Across the country, it is common to hear officers say “be safe” or “stay safe” to one another. Sadly, sometimes these phrases are used as just another way of saying “farewell” or “goodbye” when parting ways. … We should reclaim these phrases and reaffirm their intended message.

Does safe mean bye?

“Something or someone good” is the most common definition for SAFE on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram….Summary of Key Points.SAFEDefinition:Something or someone goodType:AbbreviationGuessability:3: GuessableTypical Users:Adults and Teenagers

What does it mean when someone says be safe?

”Alright, be safe.” As basic as that example was, ‘be safe’ has several meanings here. It literally means be safe, but it also implies that we care about your well being. Be safe would include things like not driving while under the influence, wearing a seatbelt, not walking in dark alleys alone at night.

Is Stay safe a sentence?

Examples of stay safe in a Sentence Matt Bevin: Please take weather watches/warnings seriously, and stay safe. Hardin County Fire Department: Please stay safe and away from this area.