Question: What Was The Difference Between The Third Level And The Other Level Of Grand Central Station?

Why was Sam attracted towards Galesburg?

Sam was fascinated by Charley’s description of Galesburg.

He was so burdened by the tensions and stress of modem life that he thought of escaping to the peaceful world of Galesburg.

His advice to Charley is that, he (Charley) and his wife, Louisa should come over to Galesburg through the medium of the ‘third level’..

What does third level mean?

The third level refers to the subway of the Grand Central Station that takes passengers to Galesburg, Illinois. The third level on the station was a medium of escape for Charley, the narrator from the harsh realities of modern life. It provided him a base where he could interweave fantasy and reality.

How did Charley reach the third level of the Grand Central Station How was it different from the other levels?

There he entered in a tunnel that ended in a corridor. The corridor turned left and slanted downward. Charley went on walking and reached a flight of stairs that took him to another level of the station. It was the Third Level even quite different from other two levels.

Why could Charlie not reach the third level again?

Answer. Answer: Since, the Third Level is just a medium for escape so Charley is not only lingering but has also entered into the world of fantasy and romance. Hence he would not be able to reach there.

What did Charley notice at the third level of Grand Central Station?

He was convinced that he had reached the third level at Grand Central Station. He found it a different world of gas lights, brass spittoons, derby hats, beards, side bums and fancy moustaches.

What was the strangest thing at the third level?

Answer: The new corridors and tunnels were trying to reach Times Squares and Central Park. But he lost his way and reached the Third Level. The strangest thing was the corridor that had led into the past.

Why is the fact that Sam has moved to the third level ironical?

Why is the fact that Sam has moved to the third level ironical? Ans. Sam believed that only two levels existed. … He believed the third level was a medium to escape from the tension of modern life.

What does the Grand Central Station symbolize?

The third level at the central station symbolises escape, on more than one level. … Firstly, it offers a literal escape from the chaotic present into a calmer past. Metaphorically, it is an escape from a life of monotony to a life of comfortable idleness.

What was Grand Central Station symbolic of?

In many ways, Grand Central Terminal was a symbol of wealth and power, so its design is bold. By 1900, the Terminal’s structure struggled to keep up with the growing traffic; electrical trains were becoming more prominent over steam engines, and it was clear that change was needed.

What does Grand Central Station symbolize in the third level?

Answer: The third level refers to the Grand Central Station subway which will carry passengers to Galesburg, Illinois. The station’s third stage was a means of relief from the harsh realities of everyday life for Charley, the narrator. It provided him with a foundation where fantasy and reality could be interwoven.

What strange things did the narrator see when he reached the third level of Grand Central Station?

The Third Level at Grand Central Station is a medium of an easy escape for Charley. It is nothing but a ‘waking-dream-wish-fulfilment. ‘ At the Third Level, one can see flickering gas lights, spittoons, beards, side bums and fancy mustaches of 1894.

Does the third level exist at Grand Station?

Actually, there are only two levels. There does not exist any third level. … The writer Jack Finney uses the Third Level on Grand Central Station as a medium of escape. Consequently Charley wants to escape in the old world.

Can Charlie ever find the third level again?

He went back to convert his three hundred dollars into the “old-style currency” that could enable him to buy two tickets to Galesburg. However, when he returned to the Grand Central, he could not find the corridor leading to the third level.

Why does the third level Symbolise?

The third level signifies an escape from the modern world that is “full of insecurity, fear, war, worry and all the rest of it….” The period of 1890s represents a peaceful life not possible in the present era.

How did the narrator’s psychiatrist friend Analyse his claim of being at the third level of Grand Central Station?

The psychiatrist friend analysed the narrator’s claim of visiting the third level by explaining that his finding the third level was the result of stress, fear, and insecurity of the modern world, which had created in him an intense desire to escape from it.