Quick Answer: What Does TBH & IDK Mean?

What is the full form LMAO?

The Meaning of Lmao Lmao stands for laughing my ass off.

Typically people use it in written conversations to show that they think something is funny.

You can think of it as a stronger version of lol, which stands for laughing out loud..

What is LOL LMAO ROFL called?

LMAO is an acronym that stands for Laughing My Ass Off. Many people say (or text) this acronym when they find something particularly funny. … Another acronym used with LMAO is ROFL. People often say “ROFLMAO” which is used to signify something is even more hilarious! ROFL means “rolling on the floor laughing.”

What is TMP army?

Transportation Motor PoolTransportation Motor Pool (TMP)

What does TBH in your DM mean?

Ill be honest to you”Ill be honest to you in your Direct Messages” a tbh is a “to be honest” so the person is going to tell you something honestly (Usually related to how they feel about you)

What does like for a tbh mean?

to be honestA tbh is almost like an Instagram currency — you can trade a tbh for a like on one of your photos. “[You] post a picture saying something like ‘like for a tbh or comment for a tbh,'” Sammy says. … But even though tbh can mean “to be honest,” that doesn’t always mean these posts reveal the truth.

What is TMP in medicine?

Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (TMP/SMX), also known as co-trimoxazole among other names, is an antibiotic used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. It consists of one part trimethoprim to five parts sulfamethoxazole.

What does LDK mean?

I don’t knowldk. has the following definition + add your definition. I don’t know. I don’t know is used in Acronym Slang Internet. The word ldk is used in Acronym, Slang, Internet meaning I don’t know.

Is HMU flirty?

Using HMU is not always flirty, but it can be depending on context. In general, it just means you want someone to call you back. If it is used in a flirty way it’s to set up a date.

What do you reply to a tbh?

TBH used to just mean “to be honest”, but now it means “say something nice” . So if someone says “give me a tbh and I’ll return”, it means “say something nice about me (or the picture I posted, etc.) and I’ll say something nice about you”.

What does OFC mean?

of course(Internet slang, text messaging) Abbreviation of of course.

What does IDK and IDC mean?

IDC — I Don’t Care. IDK — I don’t Know.

What is TMP stand for?

What does TMP stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningTMPText My PhoneTMPThe Miniatures Page (website magazine)TMPStar Trek: The Motion Picture (first Star Trek movie)TMPTell Me, Please7 more rows

What does DMs mean sexually?

To slide into the DMs is online slang for sending someone a direct message on social media slickly and coolly, often for romantic purposes.

What is TMP in texting?

tmp : Text my phone.