Quick Answer: What Happens If You Ask Alexa If She Works For The CIA?

Is Alexa always listening?

You won’t always know what happens with those recordings.

After all, an Alexa speaker, like the Echo or Dot, is an always-on listening device.

Although it’s designed to listen only when called upon, sometimes it doesn’t play by its own rules..

Does Alexa report to the government?

The debate over whether or not Alexa or any voice assistant is spying on us is years old at this point, and it’s not going away. Privacy advocates have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alleging these devices violate the Federal Wiretap Act.

Is Siri a government spy?

With Siri, Apple actually released a quote saying, “When you use Siri or Dictation, everything you say will be recorded and sent to Apple in order to convert what you say into text, all of the data is used to help Siri and Dictation to understand you better and recognize what you say.” …

Does Alexa work with the government?

Although her most common applications involve mundane daily tasks, Alexa can actually be a powerful tool for local governments. Several public municipalities have discovered new ways Alexa can be of assistance in city and state management.

Can I make Alexa swear?

Without downloading a new capability, like the Samuel L. Jackson skill, you can’t make Alexa cuss. If you try to get Alexa to use swear words, it’ll say “I’d rather not say anything rude.” Even if you try playing Simon Says, Alexa will beep out any swear words you try to get it to say.

Is Alexa a snitch?

This week, a Portland, Oregon couple reported that their Alexa recorded private conversations they had in their home and then sent it to someone on their contacts list. Yes, Alexa was not only listening in on her owners, but she totally snitched on them. Not cool, girl, not even for a robot.

What is Alexa self destruct code?

To start the skill, simply say “Alexa, Code Zero Zero Zero Destruct Zero” (the auto self destruct code used by Captain Kirk for the NCC-1701 & NCC-1701B Federation Starship – Enterprise).

Is Alexa dangerous?

You’re probably thinking, “Does it really matter where I put it as long as I can speak to Alexa from most areas in my house?” Our answer is yes. Placing your Alexa device in certain areas of your house could risk your privacy, security or even damage your Echo.

Why won’t Alexa say bad words?

Amazon doesn’t officially allow Alexa to use any profanity (the software will flag swear words before you submit them), but you can still trick it into saying a close-enough sounding word. For example, “f*ck” isn’t allowed. So we went with “fug” and “fooking” and that cleared up any issues we were facing.

What celebrity voices does Alexa have?

Amazon has announced that its virtual assistant Alexa will soon be able to mimic the voice of the actor Samuel L Jackson among other celebrities. The firm intends to charge a fee for the feature, with each voice costing $0.99 (80p).

Can I change Alexa’s voice?

You can change Alexa’s voice on an Amazon Echo speaker by changing her accent or selecting a different language. Keep in mind that changing Alexa’s accent to one other than yours might make it harder for her to understand your commands. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

What does Alexa say when you ask if she works for the CIA?

A woman, off-camera, asks Amazon’s Alexa — via an Echo Dot — if it will lie to her. Alexa responds in the negative — “I’m not always right, but I would never intentionally lie.” Then she asks Alexa to define the CIA for her, which Alexa does. Then it gets suspicious: Speaker: “Alexa, are you connected to the CIA?”