What Mean Alleviate?

What is the opposite of worsen?

Antonyms: meliorate, better, ameliorate, improve, amend.

Synonyms: wane, reject, refuse, exasperate, pass up, turn down, aggravate, slump, go down, correct, exacerbate, decline.

worsen, aggravate, exacerbate, exasperate(verb).

What is another word for autonomy?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for autonomy, like: independence, freedom, liberty, sovereignty, self-direction, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, unforcedness, voluntariness, self-determination and self-government.

What is the antonyms of alleviate?

alleviate. Antonyms: aggravate, enhance, increase, embitter, augment. Synonyms: lighten, lessen, assuage, mitigate, soothe, moderate, relieve, remit, diminish.

What is another word for alleviate?

Some common synonyms of alleviate are allay, assuage, lighten, mitigate, and relieve.

Whats does ambiguous mean?

1a : doubtful or uncertain especially from obscurity or indistinctness eyes of an ambiguous color. b : inexplicable. 2 : capable of being understood in two or more possible senses or ways an ambiguous smile an ambiguous term a deliberately ambiguous reply.

What is a good sentence for relief?

Examples of relief in a Sentence Noun I felt such a sense of relief after I finished my thesis. He expressed relief that the crisis was finally over.

What are the three types of relief?

TypesLow relief or bas-relief.Mid-relief.High relief.Sunk relief.Counter-relief.Small objects.

What is alleviate cream used for?

Pain Relief Cream – Arnica, CMO, MSM, White Willow, & more for Pain, Inflammation, Bruising, Sprains, Back Pain, & more.

What is another word for ultimatum?

What is another word for ultimatum?demandrequisitionrequirementclaimimportunitypetitiondunstipulationchallengeconditions68 more rows

What is an example of relief?

Relief is the ease of pain, tension, strain or other discomfort. An example of relief is medication taking away a headache. An example of relief is getting a job after a long period of unemployment.

How do you use the word alleviate?

Alleviate in a Sentence 🔉Take an aspirin to alleviate your headache. … To alleviate hunger in our town, each employee of our company donated five cans of food. … If you want to alleviate the situation, start by apologizing for your mistake. … Scared of heights all her life, nothing would alleviate Ruth’s fear of flying.More items…

What does alleviating mean?

relieve, lessen: relieve, lessen: such as. a : to make (something, such as pain or suffering) more bearable a drug that alleviates the symptoms using relaxation techniques to alleviate stress To draw customers, [Richard G.]