About Us

South African Business Abroad is a recognised global player, offering a diverse range of services aimed at bringing together all South African Business Abroad to achieve their objectives We acknowledge that South Africa’s democracy and its economy inclusion is still at its infancy. SABA shall strive to break down the barriers created by the policies and practices of the past and unite South Africans in business regardless of creed, race, sexual orientation, and cultural or ethnic background.

SABA also acknowledges that the task of rebuilding South Africa’s economy is underpinned by an inclusive economy for trade, the business community, local investments and foreign direct investments and will therefore, whilst striving to address the needs and interests of every business based abroad, also ensure that we meaningfully contribute in partnership with business development institutions to assist in the reconstruction and development of suitable business opportunities for the country, and the eradication of poverty through projects of relevance to the inclusive economy inclusion which all South Africans can benefit from.